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Expats Traveling Group is a full service international travel agency providing air, land, and sea itineraries.  We primarily support American military, diplomats, educators and corporate executives who live and/or frequently work abroad.  We know how overwhelming it can be living overseas. We take the stress out of planning your travel whether it be a dream solo vacation, family getaway, social group, or business travel.

Our agency was born out of consistent questions that military, diplomatic and expat employees and families have when posted overseas – where to go, when to go, and how to best get there within budget. Expats Traveling Group answers those questions and takes away any hint of frustration by handling all the hours of research and negotiation that may be necessary and booking so you can enjoy your experiences.

Mia McDonald

International Travel Specialist

Mia McDonald, a diplomatic spouse and mother of 2 high-energy children, is founder and manager of Expats Traveling Group. She has been aptly named – The Research Department – not only because of her dynamically planned vacations, but specifically due to her great attention to detail.  She works to ensure all traveler’s goals and needs are fulfilled so that everyone has a great time.

We are unique because we want you to journey like a local not a tourist.  Living abroad for so many years and having developed in-country partners on every continent, we’re able to curate itineraries that ensure you’re culturally immersed and carefully informed of all the must know complexities of your desired location. These details include, but are not limited to Tourist Visa requirements, safety of public transportation, packing list recommendations and local customs related to tipping or dress code.

Does Expats Traveling Group service the non-expat traveler? Absolutely! The non-expat international traveler will benefit greatly from our local approach to building travel itineraries. If you’re an American citizen, looking for high quality customer service – Expats Traveling Group should be your travel agency of choice.

With great pride, we’ve made it our responsibility to design individualized fulfilling, unique and culturally immersive experiences that are a win for your budget! Of course, you can do some of what we do and plan your own travel, but why take on a part-time job planning your own travel.   Not only do we save you lots of time, but equally as important, we are with you every step of the way. No matter the situation, you have personal travel concierge to assist you.



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