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Family Travel

Family Travel

Family travel planning is more than slapping a “family” sticker on an itinerary with a few visits to a museum or anthropological site that has a changing table or rock climbing area or two. Kids of all ages have needs, real interests and need to burn energy in a safe environment. Plus, we parents want them to gain something culturally from the trip too.

“Oh the places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

Expats Traveling Group partners with true family-friendly tour operators that may also include unique and memorable experiences such as picnics, bike riding, boat outings, splash parks, and other outdoor activities—and location dependent, may offer sessions where kids get hands-on with the local culture. Imagine your kids making pizza in Italy, playing the marimba in Guatemala, or writing numbers using Inca symbols in Peru. Often, doing is learning.


Accommodations too are equally important to daytime activities as they serve as a safe haven during bad weather, unexpected illnesses and/or the pleasurable rest and relaxation it should provide for all members of the family.  Boutique hotels can be immensely charming, but they may not have the space requirements to comfortably fit a family of four nor the extra-curricular activities to keep the children busy during downtime periods. We take all these things, and more into account when suggesting the right environment and amenities.


Our itinerary planning and suggestions take drive time and pacing into account. Naps and/or rest time may be needed depending on the age or physical ability of family members so we will never recommend an unreasonable jam-packed schedule. No one likes a long day, least of all children. Occasionally, a multi-hour push might be necessary, but of course, we will present you with all the options for you to make the best decision for your family.


Once you let us know you’re traveling with children or a multi-generational group, we’ll ask additional questions to ensure we’ve got all necessary information to gauge interest and physical fitness levels prior to the start of our research.


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