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Group Travel

Why travel alone? The enjoyment of a trip is enhanced, for many travelers, by traveling with friends or people who will become friends. Group travel creates a sense of security, structure and familiarity and provides a comfortable atmosphere to have fun, learn and experience other cultures. Bring me your group, and I will plan an amazing adventure for you. Whether you want a trip to an all-inclusive Caribbean beach resort, a South East Asian cruise, a local tribe home-stay, an immersive cultural experience, bachelor and bachelorette party, or you are a coach or the ``Team Mom`` for a traveling sports team...I'm your group travel expert!


Does this sound familiar:  You’ve decided to take an adventure. You tell a few friends or announce it on social media. They’re excited and want to join. They tell a few more friends and the next thing you know a solo trip has turned into one accommodating 10 or even 20+ people. What do you do?

Call Expats Traveling Group!

Group travel can be very rewarding but a hassle to coordinate and put all the details together. That is where I come in!!  As a professional travel advisor, I work with clients to develop and manage groups of like minded travelers with my featured destinations and preferred suppliers and beyond. My goal is to give my group clients a seamless, organized and exceptional experience from the start of the sales process thru post sale follow up, which results in many repeat travelers and referrals. I want to make relationships with my all my clients that help their “Travel Dreams” come true. So where are you going and who are you going to travel with next?

If you have a group, regardless of size, we invite you to take advantage of our experience, global contacts and buying power.

Are you one of these Groups?

  • Corporate
  • Alumni
  • Family Reunion
  • Adventure, Sports, Associations
  • Arts, Shopping, Entertainment


Whatever the interests of your group, Expats Traveling Group will provide expert advice on:

  • Accommodation Selection
  • Group ticketing,
  • Group insurance rates
  • Custom itineraries to fit your groups specific interests
  • Experienced staff support throughout the planning process and on site if required
  • Registration services
  • Budget management
  • Group rates for hotels, cruises and land transportation
  • Assistance with your visa and travel documents


Let’s start travel planning together!

  1. Complete our trip planning form

  2. Book your complimentary consultation – virtual and in-person appointments available.

  3. Pay your Travel Planning Retainer Fee

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