Early Planning Pays!

Get on Trend: It's the Five Year Vacation Plan!

A growing trend is to plan vacations two to five years in advance.

According to The US Travel Association, airfares have increased more than 23% from March 2021, and accommodations have increased 29% within the same time frame. Last-minute “deals” will be rare due to sheer demand! The earlier you plan, the more relaxed you can feel, knowing that you’ve secured your dream holiday at a reasonable rate.

Air fares are steadily increasing!

Inflation knows no bounds!  Don’t let ill-timed travel planning prevent you from taking that much needed vacation to your dream destination.

With so many destinations, choosing where you want to go on your vacation is not easy. The best way is to start, write out your bucket list if you haven’t already. Then, add what you’d like to do when you get there; who would be ideal travel partners? Plus, what inspires you about these destinations? Do you want a relaxing experience or a trip filled with adventure? Do you want to see many cities or stay in one place? Does your vision include an exotic train like the Orient Express or an expedition cruise to the Arctic?
Working with an international travel specialist can help you prioritize your trips. A specialist will pull together all the elements you’re looking for and develop a plan based on travel trends, your annual time off, budget, and travel partners? Together, we create your five-year travel plan so you stop leaving money on the table. What do I mean by that?
Did you know that more than 55% of Americans don’t use their paid time off benefits outside of Federal / Bank holidays? This is the equivalent of taking a pay cut. How? When you don’t take your earned time off, you leave your money on the table. Employers look at your pay as an annual salary and a total package that includes healthcare, vacation, and retirement/savings benefits. Therefore, your unused earned vacation benefits hold a monetary value that can be looked at like a pay cut! Indeed, most professionals don’t have the time to plan vacations, work, care for family, exercise, and have a fulling social life. That’s where a professional travel specialist comes into your life to make it better.
So how do you know if the travel advisor you chose is right for you? A good travel specialist will begin with a complimentary consultation call where she gets to know you and understands what you hope to accomplish on your vacation. When you work with me at Expats Traveling Group,  I’ll add the fine details to make your holiday come to life. By including hidden gems of each city you’re unaware of, I’ll expand your horizons in whichever destination you choose.
Annual Events like the Australian Open, Afrochella in Ghana, Octoberfest in Germany, or Japan’s Cherry Blossom festival might be of great interest to you, and early planning pays off! Covid has taught us never to delay taking time for ourselves or that once-in-a-lifetime dream trip.
Enhance your experience with a small group of family members or friends. Traveling with just four or five couples can get you special rates and amenities. Plus, your professional travel specialist will handle all the details of your group too.

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