Customers often ask the same questions therefore here are answers to my most frequently asked questions for everyone’s ease and benefit.

Sometimes, YES! Sometimes great deals exist that unequivocally meet your needs and are a perfect fit.  Active Duty, Retired Military, and Government discounts will always be applied when applicable.

But, sometimes, great “deals” are not worthwhile. For example, many online travel websites tout deals to draw the attention of the buyer, yet once you get on your trip, you realize that the “deal” was for the less attractive / not yet upgraded / noisy/stinky / less spacious inventory available and you’ve sacrificed comfort or primary inclusions for a few bucks of “savings.”

I will get you to most value for your money — providing value-added inclusions and ensuring your needs are met at high standards.

Absolutely! The non-expat international traveler will benefit significantly from our local approach to building travel itineraries. If you’re a global citizen looking for high-quality customer service – Expats Traveling Group should be your travel agency of choice.

We listen. We Care. We’re Connected.  Living abroad for so many years and having developed in-country partners on every continent, we can curate itineraries that ensure cultural immersion and are carefully informed of your desired location’s must-know complexities.

These details include but are not limited to choosing the best destination, tourist visa requirements, COVID-19 testing and restrictions, the safety of public transportation, packing list recommendations, and local customs related to tipping or dress code.

As a professional travel advisor, it is my job to save you from hours of research. Essentially, the travel planning retainer fee covers the extensive time I spend making sure the proposals I send to you are detailed, well-vetted, and meet your unique travel needs.

I am a certified, and insured travel specialist who engages in continuing education courses and trade affiliations to ensure I stay abreast of everything worldwide travel offers you.

Please read our full Terms & Conditions for details on how our service works.

Customer satisfaction is a primary reason I love this work. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.



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